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New Service/Connection

For electronic online applications please click here

The following procedure must be followed to open a new service & electricity account with Impact Meter services.

Please ensure that Impact Meter Services has been contracted to manage the electricity/ water consumption for the premises in respect of which you require a service.

The person in whose name the lease agreement or purchase contract is must fill in an application/agreement form and this person will also be held responsible for payment of the monthly accounts. These forms are available at any one of Impact Meter Services offices. Electronic application forms will also be accepted. For more information please email application@amps.co.za. Please take note that required accompanyments such as ID documents, power of attorney or business registration documents, rental agreement or purchase contract must accompany the application form to ensure speedy processing of your application.

Should you want to connect electricity to a newly-built premises, an electrical certificate of compliance must accompany your application form.

A deposit will be payable before a service will be switched on / continued. The amount of this deposit will be advised by Impact staff, as deposit amounts differ between premises according to the size of the electricity connections and differences in types of electrical installations.

Services cannot be switched on after hours. Please ensure that your application reaches us with adequate lead time for your service to be connected. Last-minute applications could lead to connections only taking place on the following working day.

No service can be provided without the required deposit payment.

Please quote the reference number that appears on your monthly account in all communication with Impact Meter Services.

Accounts are posted or emailed monthly to the address that you provide on the application form. Should you not receive your account. Upon the client's request, IMS will email, post, fax or mms to the client's last known address, a copy of the account. Please contact our offices in this regard.

Please note! non-receipt of an account does not indemnify a consumer from paying his account. The onus rests on the consumer to ensure that his monthly electricity account is paid by the due date.

Should you vacate your premises, please ensure that written notice thereof is submitted to our offices with at least 48 hours notice. Clients must please note that they remain responsible for electricity and/or water consumption at the premises until such notice is received by Impact. It is recommended that the main switch be switched off when physically leaving the premises, thereby avoiding any further consumption before a final reading can be taken.

Deposits are refunded only once the final account has been paid in full.

After hours service

As a value added service, Impact Meters provides an after hours service for electricity interruptions till 21H30
Tel 012 763 8200

Electronic Applications

For electronic online applications please click on this link