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Discontinuation of Services

There are a number of circumstances around which Impact Meter Services will discontinue the electricity supply to a consumer's premises.

No agreement

A consumer must complete and sign an application/agreement form with IMS to supply electricity/water to their premises before moving into the unit. Should they fail to provide IMS with the completed and signed agreement, their electricity supply will be discontinued because no agreement exists with IMS for the supply of a service.

No deposit or insufficient deposit

The deposit required from a consumer must be paid before occupation. Failing to do so will result in the electricity supply being discontinued until the deposit is received.

Account in arrears

The electricity supply to the premises may be discontinued if an account goes into arrears. For services to be fully restored, the total outstanding amount due and a reconnection fee, as determined by IMS, must be paid, and proof thereof must be sent to IMS. Restoration of services can take up to 24 hours, depending on customer volume.

Premises vacated

When a tenant vacates the premises, they must notify IMS in writing about their move date. A final reading is then taken when the premises are removed, and the electricity supply is switched off. The electricity supply to the premises will only be re-connected once a new tenant has paid a deposit and signed an agreement with IMS to supply electricity and water.

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