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Invoicing Process

Invoices are system-generated and contain details of the charges that the consumer must pay. These charges are specified and include capacity (business), electricity unit costs, KVA charges, water unit costs, VAT, etc. The invoices also specify the consumption period for which the charges on the invoice appear for the number of days.

Any consumer may, however, at any time, via email or telephonically enquire about the balance and status of their account, and the relevant information and statements will be sent to them on request.

Per the client's request, all invoices are posted, emailed, or MMS to their last known address. IMS relies on external communication service providers for the punctual delivery of accounts. Due to unforeseen circumstances, such as service provider firewall settings, it happens from time to time that invoices are undelivered. IMS, therefore cannot be held liable for undelivered invoices. Contact your internet service provider concerning the status of such cases.

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