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Meter Reading Process

As each building/complex is different regarding electricity meter type, placement, application, and distribution, no fixed process exists for the reading of meters. Such a process is developed intrinsically for each building/complex considering the following criteria.

Access to electricity/water meters must be available to the IMS meter readers at any time during office hours. NB! No prior notice can be given to consumers when their meters will be read!

Meters will be read every month, but with the understanding that IMS cannot guarantee a specific date on which the meters of a particular building/complex will be read every month. Dates may vary within five days of one another from month to month.

The reading of the electricity/water meter is regarded as proof of the electricity/water consumption of the premises unless otherwise proved by the consumer or IMS.

The meter readings are recorded monthly , and these documents are archived for the minimum period of 3 years.

The written meter-reading sheets are the data source for input into the IMS computerized invoicing system.

Electricity the account high or escalating?

Impact Meter Services conducts an electricity management service for premises where the Local Authority only provides a bulk electricity supply. Impact becomes the registered consumer with the Local Authority regarding such beliefs. In turn, we measure each tenant's consumption monthly and bill them accordingly.

Billing is done according to consumption recorded on the separate meters installed on the premises. The Local Municipal Authority sets the electricity tariffs annually, and no "markup" on taxes is applied.

Impact Meter Services has no control over the electricity consumed beyond the electricity meter, i.e., on/in a consumer's home/shop. To ask us why an electricity account is so high can be compared to asking the pump attendant at a filling station why your motor vehicle is taking in so much fuel. He cannot explain, and nor can we. We take the reading displayed by the electricity meter and bill you accordingly.

However, to assist consumers in identifying causes of abnormal fluctuation in their electricity accounts, the following measures and options are in place for the consumer's benefit:

Consumers are advised to limit the use of underfloor heating and oil heaters in the winter months, as these are large electricity consumers.

Faulty geyser thermostats often cause sudden escalations in electricity consumption. A common symptom of this problem is abnormally hot water emanating from the hot-water taps.

Remember that more electricity is consumed in the winter because it gets dark earlier, geysers work harder, more hot meals are cooked, more hot water is used for bathing/showering, and various electric heating appliances are used.

If electricity meters become faulty, they typically record less electricity consumption than consumed. However, consumers who want their electricity meters checked for accuracy can contact us to do so. There is a nominal fee attached for this service. Should your meter prove faulty, it will be replaced free of charge, and your account will be credited accordingly. However, if the meter proves correct, the testing fee will be levied on your account.

In new complexes, the builder's electricians may have mismarked the meters. Impact Meters staff will gladly check that you are being charged for the correct meter if you suspect this might be a problem. There is no charge for this check.

Suppose a consumer can view the electricity meter. In that case, the client can do the following test: Switch off the main electricity supply isolator in the distribution board within the home/business. Make sure that everything within the unit is off. Then check the meter to see if it has stopped registering consumption. This will indicate that billing is done with the correct meter readings.

Please Note: Although it seldom happens, our meter readers/processors sometimes make a mistake with the readings on a meter. In such cases, the over/under-read will automatically be rectified with the following month's reading.

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