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Electricity Interruptions

There are a number of reasons that could cause your electricity supply to be interrupted.

Discontinuation of supply

Impact Meter Services will always attempt to give reasonable notice of an impending discontinuation of an electricity supply. This notice could be in the form of a notice on the monthly invoice, telephonic notification, electronic notification or specific written notice delivered to the premises.

Impact Meter Services may discontinue an electricity supply for any of the following reasons:

Account is in arrears.

No deposit, or insufficient deposit is held as security for the account.

No agreement exists with Impact Meter Services for the supply of electricity.

Incomplete/unsigned agreement or the agreement contains false information.

False and/or illegible proof of payments.

Please Note: The electricity supply of premises where the consumer has no written agreement with Impact Meter Services for the supply of electricity may be discontinued without prior notice.

Where an electricity supply has been discontinued for any of the reasons mentioned above, a re-connection fee will be required over and above any monies due by the consumer before the electricity supply is restored. Only cash payments are accepted and must be made at any of Impact Meter Services' pay points. The technical staff that is sent to disconnect/ connect the electricity supply will not accept such payments.

General power failures

A general power failure in the area where your premises is situated may occur. This can be confirmed by checking with shops and other tenants in the area whether their electricity supply is also off. Non-functioning traffic lights are generally also a good indicator. In such cases, Impact Meter Services cannot remedy the situation, and the City Council can be contacted for more information.

Local power failures

If only the electricity supply to your complex/ building is interrupted, Impact Meter Services can be contacted at Tel 012 763 8200. Our technicians will attend to the problem as soon as possible.

Other reasons

The electricity supply to your unit/ shop could be interrupted due to maintenance problems. Before calling Impact Meter Services, please follow the following procedure:

Switch off all circuit breakers and trip switches in the distribution board within your premises.

Switch on the earth-leakage trip switch (complete "up" position).

Switch on the main supply circuit breaker (complete "up" position).

One by one, switch on the remaining circuit breakers (to the whole "up" position).

Please Note: If at any time during this process, any one of the switches "trip", this is an indication of a fault within your premises. Please contact your local electrician.

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