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Tariff structure

The tariffs that IMS applies for electrical consumption are prescribed by the local municipal authority within whose jurisdiction the building/complex is situated. Such tariffs are regulated by the National Energy Regulator (NERSA), and as an electricity re-seller, IMS is bound by these tariffs.

Service charges

Where water meters are read, a reading fee will be charged per water meter and billed monthly.

Capacity charges (Business accounts)

What is a capacity charge?

A capacity charge (also known as a "fixed charge") is a charge levied on a consumer's account whether electricity is consumed or not, the amount of which is determined by the rating of the main circuit breaker through which electricity is supplied to premises. This is only applied in respect of business premises.

Who determines the capacity charges?

The Council determines the fixed charges as part of their approved electricity tariffs from time to time, and electricity re-sellers have no interest in setting such tariffs.

How does the capacity charge influence your account?

The unit (kwh) tariff is applied to business accounts in which a capacity (fixed) charge is levied significantly less than the tariffs applied to domestic accounts. Consumers are welcome to contact our offices for the latest approved business tariffs. Very often, the savings achieved from the lesser tariff makes up for the levied capacity charge and more.

How can the capacity charge be reduced?

Consumers whose premises are equipped with a main supply circuit breaker whose rating exceeds their needs may downgrade the supply to save on the capacity charge. Such a downgrade must be done at the consumer's cost by a qualified electrician and with written permission from the landlord of the premises. Once the downgrade has been completed, Impact Meter Services must be notified, and a technician will be sent to inspect the installation. This inspection may carry a fee as determined from time to time by management. Once the installation has been approved, the capacity charge will be adapted accordingly.

What would happen if the City Council was reading the meters?

The electricity charges of the Council are approved by legislation, and Impact Meter Services is obliged to charge these tariffs by the electricity by-laws of the Councils. Invoices from a City Council would therefore reflect precisely the exact charges as those appearing on the Impact invoices.

Can a consumer refuse to pay the capacity charge and only pay for actual consumption?

As the unit tariff for business accounts is significantly lower because of the capacity charge levied, the capacity charge forms an integral part of the account. Should the total amount due on an account not be paid, the electricity supply to such premises will be discontinued, and legal collection measures instituted.

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